Public Event Information

This method retrieves the public information about an event. For example, to obtain the information for the event at:

GET this url:[email protected]

Note that 1 is the shortKey of the event.

Click on the link above and view the results. We recommend the JSONView extension for Chrome and Firefox to make the result readable.

Some things to note:

  • Objects are polymorphic. For example, the properties for a UsacRace may be different than the properties for a Merchandise.
  • The event type hierarchy is:
    • CyclingEvent
      • GenericCyclingEvent
      • UsacEvent
  • The product group type hierarchy is:
    • RegistrationGroup
      • GenericRegistrationGroup
      • UsacRaceGroup
    • MerchandiseGroup
    • UsacLicenseGroup
  • The product type hierarchy is:
    • Registration
      • GenericRegistration
      • UsacRace
    • Merchandise
    • UsacOneDayLicense
  • Some fields are optional. For example, Products without field limits will have limit of null.
  • registrationOpens is an ISO-8601 date/time string relative to the local timezone of the event. registrationOpensAt is a milliseconds-since-epoch instant in time, suitable for conversion into a javascript Date object. Be aware of timezone issues when working with these two formats.