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PACERS will be using Voost in 2013 and again in 2014. We’ve tried others that pay you after the event is over or every few weeks. Voost gives you immediate access to all collected registration fees. You can handle refunds directly, have one day licenses paid online, and have the forms already filled out electronically for you to preview before they’re printed. You have control of your dashboard — design the registration page to fit your needs, post updates on it, and email all registered riders if need be. And it’s based in the bay area! If technology challenged promoters like us can make sense of it, so can you. -George

Event calendar

  • It’s free advertising!
  • Nationwide database of events
  • Email reminders of upcoming dates
  • Soon: Connect with athletes who bookmark your event

Online registration

  • Top notch customer support
  • Secure, user friendly registration
  • The lowest fees, with immediate access to your funds
  • Export participant data at any time

The lowest fees

Lower fees = happier athletes.

Voost charges organizers 3.5% + $1 for tickets, merchandise and donations up to $100, a flat 4.5% thereafter. There are NO OTHER FEES!

No setup fees, no trial fees, no monthly fees, and no additional payment processing fees.

Voost‘s simple, low fee is automatically deducted from each purchase.

Learn more about how Voost fees are different.

Ticket Price Voost Bikereg USACycling
$0 Free Free Free
$10 $1.35 $1.80 $2.30 $3.25
$20 $1.70 $2.60 $2.50 $3.25
$30 $2.05 $2.80 $2.70 $3.27
$40 $2.40 $3.00 $2.90 $3.95
$50 $2.75 $3.40 $3.30 $4.62

It’s your money

Some registration systems have disbursement schedules that lock up your money for weeks.

Purchases on Voost are deposited immediately into your free FDIC-insured WePay account. At any time you can transfer funds into a linked bank account. No merchant account – or permission – required.

Top notch customer support

At Voost you’re not just another event. Everyone gets the white glove treatment and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on responding to you within minutes, not hours or days.

Want help setting up your event? Have an idea for a new feature? Evalutating us? Contact us. We’d love to talk!

Smart shopping cart

Voost’s advanced shopping cart system is not just a dumb web form!

  • Friends, families, and teammates can easily register together (try it)
  • Athletes are guided into the correct race based on eligibility.
  • Athletes aren’t allowed to register twice for the same race.
  • Multiple registration discounts apply even if the second race is bought in a separate transaction by someone else!
  • Merchandise purchases are shown so that your friend doesn’t buy you a second tshirt for the same event.
  • Spots are reserved when added to a cart; carts and reservations expire after 60 minutes.

We know the rules

Did you know that according to Rule 1K2 of the USA Cycling Rulebook, a Cat 3 master woman can enter a men’s masters 55+ race at the age of 35, but a Cat 2 master woman must be 45? Voost does. We keep up with the esoteric rules so that you don’t have to spend hours reading fine print.

Voost gently guides participants into the correct races based on their racing license. Athletes can override these rules (“I’ll be Cat 3 by then!”), but race organizers will be alerted to any mismatches on race day.

Don’t see your sport or governing body listed as an option? Contact us.


Increase your margins by selling merchandise along with your event tickets – t-shirts, hats, jerseys, etc.


Accept donations for your fundraiser event. We offer the lowest rates in the industry so that more money ends up going to your charities.

Manage participants

Voost provides an easy interface to manage participants:

  • Assign (or reassign) bib numbers to all participants or subsets of participants.
  • Switch participants to different races.
  • Send email blasts to all participants or subsets of participants.
  • Export participant data as CSV for import into Excel.
  • Upload race results to USACycling and they automagically appear on your event page.

Coupons (Promo Codes)

Add as many coupons as you need. Set the discount amount, expiration date and number of uses. Easily track how many codes are redemeed and view all the details in the receipts.


2nd race gets $18 off. But what about third and fourth? Voost allows you to quickly customize all sorts of discount combinations, including by age!

Simple Sign In

Worried about participants needing to create yet another account?

We are too. That is why we’ve tightly integrated both Facebook and Persona login systems for a seamless experience. The only requirement is an email address.

Try it yourself:

Widgets for your website

Have your own event website? Get better attendance by encouraging athletes to register in advance.

By placing one line of HTML on your page, athletes can see a countdown timer and the registered count for each race – all in realtime.

We also offer a hard-to-miss Register button widget…

Painless refunds

Nobody likes to issue refunds, but chargebacks are worse. Voost automates the drudgery. Participants may request refunds for their purchases; you may approve or deny them. Refunds automatically free up reserved spots in the event.

Refunds credit all fees.

Automatically generate release forms

Voost automatically generates pre-filled-out release forms for your athletes. Currently, we support USA Cycling release forms – if you require a different release form for your sport or governing body, contact us and we’ll get it added in a jiffy.

Offer the purchase of a USA Cycling One-Day license as part of the registration process.

Google Analytics

How effective is your promotional marketing? Voost uses your Google Analytics tracking code. See how many people visit your pages and see which search terms or referring pages bring them there.

Multiple administrators

No more shared passwords or special accounts. Each administrator of your organization uses their own account which gives you a complete audit history.

Easy HTML markup

Use our integrated What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor to make beautiful text. It’s just like writing an email.

Display your flyer

Upload your PDF flyer on the event editor page and we’ll generate a small image of it which is displayed on your public event page. Participants can then click on the image to download the full flyer.


We want you to choose Voost because we provide a better experience at a cheaper price, not because we’ve confused you with a lot of pretty marketing.

Evaluating Voost for your event and have any questions about what we offer? Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Extreme reliability

Nearly every big event promoter has a story about their registration site crashing on opening day. That won’t happen with Voost.

Our team has been building large-scale web applications since the earliest days of the world wide web. Voost is hosted on Google’s scalable cloud infrastructure for unlimited traffic capacity and highly efficient green computing. Thousands of registrations per minute? No problem.

Voost is replicated to multiple datacenters across the United States and will automatically failover in the event of catastrophe. The race must go on!

And much, much, more…