Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Review (2019 Update)

It is an improvised version of the earlier human touch models in iJoy series.

Built with a suave leather exterior, this chair with its smooth upholstery would suit any decor.

This chair is ideal for a regular stress relief routine for the back and leaves your body at perfect peace after those relaxing moments of massage.

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Economical compared to other sophisticated models. Space saving and ideal for smaller homes.
It doesn’t provide advanced massaging options like foot or calf massage that are available at other brands at the same price point.Functionality : 3.5/5

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Techniques

Percussion –It’s an alternate rapid tapping movement to provide spine fluid relaxation.
Compression – Pressurizes the body muscles and provides deep relaxation to relieve day to day stress or muscle tension.
Kneading – It’s a rotatory movement that increases blood and lymph circulation thereby increasing the blood flow.
Rolling – It’s the most common massaging technique. Mechanized rollers helps relax            back, especially lower back.

These techniques can be taken in permutations by choosing from three programmed options that comes with HumanTouch iJoy 2580. Also, according to some massage chair reviews, these movements simulate the hand movements of human touch and provide relaxation to users.

If you want a stronger massage, remove the massage equipment such as softening pad.

That would make you feel the rollers more prominently on your back.

HT iJoy 2580 Massage Chair Rating and Review

Style : 3.5/5

The cup holder is one thing I like. When I watch TV, I like to keep my cold coffee in the cup holder. Do not have to keep a separate table for that. When am not using the holder, I keep it closed with the lid provided.
The control of the chair is fixed on board, so there is no need to search for the remote or get confused with TV remote. One more aspect of styling I prefer is adjustable head rest. This makes it easier to adjust the height according to requirements.

Durability : 4/5

It is fitted with wheels so that you do not have to lift them around the house. These wheels are sturdy and most useful to move the chair around. This chair also has an in built auxiliary power outlet along with the main outlet. And HT, with its expertise in massage chair market has really built a quality product.

Extras : 4/5

• The auto massage functions can be set along with zone settings where we can decide which zone to focus on.
• The auto park feature helps place the rollers at the top of the back rest. So after the massage, if you just want to sit back and enjoy the human touch chair, you could place these rollers away from back rest position so that you feel the soft back rest.

Ijoy 2580 Warranty : 4/5

The product comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Our Overall Rating : 4/5

If you are looking for an economical massager that does not occupy much space in your home, iJoy 2580, simple yet effective model, built for safety and comfort will fit the bill.


Power 90W
Dimensions (Upright – H”xW”xD”) 44 x 35 x 40
Dimensions (Upright – H”xW”xD”) 58 x 34 x 27
Weight (lbs) 88
Part Warranty 2 Years
Service Warranty 90 Days (Basic Plan)
Return Policy Yes
Manufactured in USA
Airbags No
Body Scan No
3D Massage No
Rollers Yes (4)
Head/Neck Massage Yes
Neck Roller Massage Yes
Shoulder Massage Yes
Hip Massage Yes
Lower Back Roller Massage Yes
Calf Massage No
Foot Roller Massage No
Heat Massage Yes
Arm Airbags No
Waist Airbags No
Foot Airbags No
Stretching No
Compression Yes
Kneading Yes
Gripping No
Rolling Yes
Tapping Yes
Inversion No
Zero Gravity No
Acupressure (Shiatsu) No
Vibration Technology No
Wireless Remote Feature No
Automatic Pre-Set Programs 3
Smartphone Connectivity No
MP3 Speakers No

Final Words on HT Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair

Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair to offers wellness, style, comfort, and control and one of the best massage chairs in it’s own category. Also it can be used as a gaming chair.