Faq Organizers

How are fees on Voost different from fees on other registration sites?
Voost always deducts fees from ticket revenue rather than adding a separate line item charge. This is how buyers expect payment card transactions to work and it’s a significantly better customer experience. We also show you exactly how much revenue you are losing to fees – we itemize it for you rather than hiding it.
Can I charge fees to the participant?
Why on earth would you want to do that?

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who “pays” the fee; the participant is charged $X and you receive $X minus fees. If you need $30 per entry to cover your costs, just charge $32. A single, simple price makes athletes happier. Separately itemized fees encourage day-of registration, longer lines, and more paperwork for you.

You are, of course, free to offer a discount for day-of registration, snail mail registration, carrier pigeon registration, or any other kind of registration.

What are Voost fees for other ticket prices?
Transaction Fee
$5 $1.17
$10 $1.35
$20 $1.70
$30 $2.05
$40 $2.40
$50 $2.75
$60 $3.10
$70 $3.45
$80 $3.80
$90 $4.15
$100 $4.50
$200 $9.00
$300 $13.50

For the mathematically inclined: The fee is 3.5% + $1 for tickets up to $100, a flat 4.5% thereafter.

Isn’t that a lot of money for online registration services?
Please realize that the bulk of the fee goes to Visa and Mastercard. This is an unfortunate and usually unseen aspect of doing business in the electronic age; of the $4.50 fee for a $100 ticket, $3.50 of that goes to the payments processor. We’ve tried to keep our fees as low as possible while maintaining a sustainable business – as much as a dollar per ticket cheaper than other registration services. We hope that the lower fees are appreciated.
Is there a minimum price?
For tickets which are not free, you can charge as little as $2 for a ticket. $1 for merchandise and donations. Below this amount, credit card processing fees stop making economic sense.
What is the fee for selling merchandise?
Per-item fees are the same as per-ticket fees. See the table above.
What is the fee for fundraising donations?
Per-item fees are the same as per-ticket fees. See the table above.
Can I sell USAC one-day licenses along with registrations?
Yes. We help automate this process in two ways:

  • Voost allows you to collect the USAC fee when the athlete purchases their registration ticket. Athletes who need a one-day license are automatically encouraged to pay this fee at checkout time.
  • Voost Voost autofills all necessary forms and generates a PDF for each athlete.

Because USAC requires you to remit the full fee per license when you file your post-event report, Voost processes these “at cost”. We deduct only the 3.5% charged by our credit card processor. This means that each one-day license you sell incurs a small loss to your organization; however, Voost’s significantly lower registration fees should more than make up for the difference.

Note that WePay also imposes a $0.50 minimum fee per (whole-cart) transaction, but this only becomes relevant in the rare case that an athlete buys a one-day license in a cart by itself (perhaps they neglected to buy it when they initially bought their race entry).

But I thought only the official USAC registration service can sell one-day licenses?
As far as USAC is concerned, registration through Voost is exactly the same as day-of registration, and is fully compatible with your contractual responsibilities as an event organizer.

If you organize a USAC-sanctioned event, you are required to collect a fee on behalf of USAC from riders without annual licenses. This fee is submitted to USAC along with your post-event report. Traditionally this fee is collected by cash or check on raceday.

Voost conveniently allows you to collect this fee when registration tickets are purchased. This fee, along with ticket revenues, flows directly into your WePay account. We provide you with the appropriate pre-filled-out release forms for athletes to sign. Just as with day-of registration, you are contractually responsible for submitting the full fee payment to USAC.

Do I need a merchant account?
No. We process payments through WePay and they take care of everything. Payment processing is included in your fees. When you set up your organization, Voost will walk you through creating the WePay account where you will receive funds from ticket purchases.
How do I get paid?
The short answer is: You get paid immediately when each and every purchase is made.

Funds go directly from the buyer into your free, FDIC-insured WePay account without ever being handled by Voost. You don’t need to ask us for a disbursement and there are no holding periods. It’s your money.

You link your WePay account directly to your bank account and transfer money back and forth at any time. However, we ask that you keep sufficient balance in your WePay account to process refunds.

How do refunds work?
If you choose, Voost can help automate the drudgery of processing refunds.

You can enable or disable Refund Requests for your event at any time via the Edit Event page. When enabled, every buyer’s Receipt page includes a button (next to your Refund Policy) which allows them to request a refund for all of the items in the receipt. You can approve or deny individual requests on the Refund Requests page for your Organization.

Approved refunds always credit the buyer in full and make space available in the (optionally) limited field. Fees (which have been deducted from ticket revenue) will be credited back to you.

Note: Once a receipt is in the settled state, a refund cannot be issued through our credit card processor, WePay. This happens after about 60 days after the purchase is made. In order to issue a refund you will need to Paypal or send a check to the person directly.