Reno Cycling Club


We, at Reno Cycling & Fitness, recognize that cycling is a lifetime passion.

  • We would like to extend an invitation to join our new Reno Cycling Club.
  • We have been providing all levels of riders with a positive cycling experience over the past several years.
  • Our goal is to continue promoting local cycling with our superior knowledge, products and customer service while rewarding you, our loyal customer.
To find out more about joining the Reno Cycling Club, click on the 'More' tab then on files where you will find the Membership Packet.
Members (11)
David Vincent
James Herzman
Janice duis
Jon Pettengill
Jonathan Spivack
Kevin Cassiday
Klaus Grimm
Lucie Oren
Manny Canson
Marc Stewart
Stefano Miraglia