CoreTechs Cycling Team

CoreTechs Staffing Cycling Team* is two groups. We have a racing team and a cycling club team. The race team is made up of people with no illusions and get this is all for fun. Kids and life seem to dominate our time. We get that we are not trying out for a pro contract and we keep the attitude in check! Right now we are made up of a few Cat 1/2/3's, a 4's team and some 5's (new racers). Most of the riders are 35+. We love riding (mostly) and love the competition of this sport (unless we are having an off day, than not so much). We are looking for people who understand the "no illusion" idea, want to have some fun, want to race a few times a year and most importantly…who are willing to drive once in a while! If you are interested in racing or have loads of experience and looking for a good, smaller squad…email and we will get right back to you.
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Eric Saltzman
Jeremy Wire