Early Bird Womens Developmental Cycling Team


Our Mission

The Early Bird Women’s Developmental Cycling Team is a team for women of all ages and cultural backgrounds, in the Northern California Area. Our aim is to provide cycling skills instruction, tactics and strategy education, leadership skill development, and team building in order to compete at all levels in women's road bike racing. The team will participate in bike racing with respect to all competitors, and each other, as female athletes going after their potential.

On a community level, all team members promote health and well being for girls and women through volunteer programs, community partnerships, and cycling events. This team provides a place for female riders, new to the sport of bike racing, to develop and hone their racing skills in a cohesive team situation. As well, the team provides a place for advanced riders to develop through the ranks. All riders may stay on the team while upgrading through the USA Cycling categories 4, 3, 2, and 1 and on to the professional level of racing if they choose.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we aim to provide support for under-represented groups in the sport of cycling, by age, socioeconomic background, and cultural background.

Members (11)
Candice Lynn Smith
Claudia Zinn
Emilie Cole
Hannah Stonefield
Kate furtner
Laurel Green
Michelle Nightengale
Natalie Dell
Sabine Hoffmann
Sandra Miller
Sara Liebert