Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development

Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development offers coaching and direction along with racing opportunities in the US and abroad. It is our mission to help our riders earn collegiate cycling scholarships and prepare them for elite level racing beyond their junior racing years. To earn a spot on this team, I'm less concerned about your specific race results or if you finished ahead of or near particular riders. I'm more focused on signs of potential. These signs include your rate of progression, your category, race history, fitness and training level (testing, files, etc) . Above all of that, we have the "Van Rule". That is, essentially, does your personlity lend itself to being agreeable with the team if we were to be in the van together for 24+ straight hours? The next most important thing is what we call "coachability". You need to be coachable. If you are the type who is more interested in the "hook up", I can save us both some time, because we aim to provide our riders what they need to succeed, and need is much different than recruiting riders by spending our budget on "stuff" to make a rider look "pro". Pro is how you carry yourself, not how many long sleeve jerseys or sets of race wheels you get from the team. Due to time, budget and practicality, spots on the team are limited, but I sincerely do wish to work with anyone who has a desire to ride in a program like this. In fact, we're continually working on ways to be able to work with more riders. If you feel you could be a good fit for our program (and vice versa), feel free to contact me.