San Jose Bicycle Club

### It Started in 1939 San Jose Bicycle Club (SJBC) members actively participate in club and USA Cycling(USAC) racing in the greater Bay Area and Northern Nevada. The USAC is the U.S. organization from which the U.S. Olympic cycling team in selected and professional status is attained. SJBC has consistently been one of the most successful amateur bicycle racing clubs in Northern California region over the course of its 71 year history. SJBC has committed itself to the nurturing and development of beginning and junior cyclists members coaching and organized racing events aimed at increasing the skill, ability and enjoyment of each member. The club is active in recruiting young riders to the sport. SJBC has developed 8 Jr. national team members, 11 alternate Jr. team members, 4 Sr. national team members and 4 professional riders (all with the club as Juniors). Masters racing is also a large part of SJBC's community involvement. Drawing many members from the high tech companies in the Silicon Valley. In 2009, we are pleased to add to the list 3 Jr. State Track Champions and 4 National Master Track Champions.
Members (35)
Andrew J. Nevitt
Annabell Holland
Beverly Chaney
Bill Nicely
Brian Heneghan
Buffie Stark
Buffie Wuestewald
Dave Maminski
David Passmore
Dennis Hopp
Don Grijalva
Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones
Heather Oliver
jeff rogers
Jonathan Sek
Jordan Wolfe
Justin Leong
keith macbeth
Kelly SIlberberg
Kristin Wolfe
Lauren Wolfe
Lorraine Jarvis
Peter Cathcart
Raul Arias
Rupert Cox
Scott Hayes
Sean Tompkins
Shiva Sharma
Taylor Meilahn
Timothy Montagne
Todd Manley
Todd Munk
vincent juarez
Will Wright