Contra Costa Cycling Club

Wells Fargo Racing Team / C4 is a non-profit organization promoting competitive cycling at all levels. Based in the San Francisco East Bay, the C4 Racing program has grown significantly in membership, sponsor support, local presence and race results every year since its inception. Despite this growth, its values have never changed: C4 riders strive to 1) be supportive members of the cycling and greater communities, and 2) make valuable contributions in the form of mentorship, event organization and race participation. Members range in age from 20 to 60 and compete in road, cyclo-cross, mountain bike and/or triathlon events.
Members (18)
Allen S. Jackson
Andrew Knickerbocker
Dave Dunkley
Dave Garcia
Harun Simbirdi
Jennie Phillips
John Berg
Mark King
Michael Fine
Michael Woodburn
Michael Woodburn
Neil Koch
Rann Valdez
Richard Asturias
Richard Nichols
Rick Lawton
Robert Bacci
Ron Hansen