Ciclistas del Valle

In the fall of 2009, a new bicycle club was formed for the purpose of re-establishing the tradition of competitive cycling in our area. Ciclistas del Valle (”Cyclist of the Valley”) Cycling Club is dedicated to all forms of bicycle riding and racing: from mountain bikes to road bikes, to triathlons and cyclocross, with everything in between. It is our aspiration to promote a higher level of fitness among cyclists by organizing group rides and other activities for all abilities along with structure, development, and encouragement for racing and training. ###Mission Statement The mission of Ciclistas del Valle Cycling Club, Inc. (CdV) is to encourage cycling as a sport for fitness, health and enjoyment within the local communities and region. CdV seeks to provide resources by which local cyclists can develop advanced skills and fitness necessary for participation in competitive and advanced non- competitive cycling activities.
Members (7)
Albert Coble
Dan Shore
Harry Bourassa
Jeff Purcell
Jenell Bourassa
Matthew Esselstrom
Michelle Nightengale