Team WHAYNE Cycling is a new Midwest Cat 3 race squad organized around a desire to promote sustainable growth products and services available through Whayne Supply. The team will be a vehicle for Whayne's strong message of efficiencies in agricultural practices and heavy equipment maintenance/rebuild. Agriculture and Construction are two industries with the potential to have a significant impact on our environment and our lifestyle through sustainable practices. Whayne Supply is the leading regional resource for these industries as they work to revolutionize their practices of growth. Grow Smart with Whayne. On the bike, the team will contest regional road race, criterium, cyclocross and select mountain bike events, focusing on the strategic team racing of the road and on the extraordinary individual efforts of Cyclocross. Our team is a well-rounded squad, and will be making the race from the front whether it be a sprinter's crit or a climber's road race. Be a part of the excitement for 2012 with Team WHAYNE!