Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team

Tieni Duro is a Lafayette, California-based Junior Cycling Development Team that was founded in 2002 with the goal of getting as many kids on bikes as possible and teaching them how to become competitive athletes and high-performing young men and women. The team has a focus on road and track racing, though some of the kids also race cyclocross, cross country, and even downhill mountain biking. Tieni Duro has grown organically through the commitment of its founders, coaches, and supporters to produce California State and U.S. National champions. Tieni Duro is open to kids of all abilities. On Tieni Duro, coaches will ask potential new riders onto the team after they have come out and ridden safely on a few training rides, listen and follow instructions, and show a commitment to training. Please see the "how to join" section of the website prior to arriving for a group ride. Doing things together on and off the bike are hallmarks of the Tieni Duro program. The team rides together twice a week (typically 2-4 hours per ride). By the time they are 15 or 16, most of the kids ride about 5-6 days per week during the season, often with another teammate or coach. A patron of our team donated an extremely ugly but very utilitarian minivan, which allows the team to travel together to races all over the Western U.S., and parents try to carpool as well. Coaches and mentors hold skills clinics several times each year. In January of each year, the coaching staff selects 8 of the older, experienced kids to attend a week-long training camp in Death Valley, California. That “leadership camp” includes epic training rides, a lecture series, leadership modules, and non-bike team building activities. The entire team attends a 3-day camp held in Carmel Valley in the early spring. Piling on top of all that are frequent team BBQs, trips to the local swimming hole, “adventure rides” on remote roads, fly fishing and camping trips, post-ride-burritos, and movie nights out. It’s a full calendar. Alumni from the team have gone on to become collegiate national time trial (TT) champions, U-23 Road Race and TT Champions, professional coaches, and professional racers. Better than 95 percent of the kids go on to attend colleges and universities and more than one-half of the youngsters continue racing beyond their Junior years. Regardless of their “cycling lives” after junior racing, the young men and women all leave the team as transformed, remarkable athletes and great young people who are dedicated to the heritage of competitive cycling, honoring the values of Tieni Duro, giving back to the club and cycling community, and supporting the team’s coaches and its sponsors.
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