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In 2011 a joint venture between Patrick Caro and Michael Fosselman will form an Elite Cycling team. Together they bring a sense of dedication, integrity, and competiveness to a sport they share a passion for. Patrick Caro, founder of Full Circle Cycling, has been racing for 15 years and training Southern California's best cyclists for the past five year, at the same time competing at Cycling's Professional level. Michael Fosselman, V.P Distribution & Logistics Superior Communications, manages operations for the nations largest Wireless accessory distributor. Mike has over a decade of experience managing motor sport teams with championship results. Mike brings a wealth of experience of management and marketing to promote the team and its sponsors. Cycling is a culture and a way of life for many Americans. Full Circle is looking for sponsors that share in that same passion on and off the bike. Cycling needs your support from juniors, amateurs, and all the way through the professional ranks. We are asking sponsors to support our team and become strongly recognized in the growing world of cycling. Full Circle is the best that cycling has to offer!
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