Rogue Racing Project

### The Rogue Vision The Rogue Racing Project was built on the European athletic club model. It serves as a community for endurance athletes who want a social network with their endurance pursuits. The project is a connection point for endurance athletes. The open source framework of the team creates a place for people who want the flexibility to participate in multiple sports versus the more restrictive nature of sport specific teams - road and mountain biking, triathlon, and running. The Project is community focused. The goal is to build at a local level to support the local endurance scene. While focused on the local community, the Project concept is flexible enough to spread to other cities to create satellite projects. This builds a bigger community that offers opportunities to connect with other endurance athletes in other regions. The Project strives to be sponsor agnostic but support local businesses that support the endurance community. The Project will work to find unique ways to promote these businesses while still maintaining its independence. Project athletes are endurance athletes who compete for the love of sport and not for the money. They train and compete to be the best they can because they love testing their limits. More importantly, the Rogue Racing Project is what you make of it.