Boulder Orthopedics

The Boulder Masters Cycling Team rolls out a new look and title sponsor for 2012, proudly racing as Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team. After several years as Vic’s Espresso/Peerless Tires Cycling Team outfitted in blue and white, look for Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team’s roster of Front Range cyclists sporting black and magenta kits made by Giordana. Whether on the road, the track, the trail or the ‘cross course the team strives to train right, race hard and live well. ### Team History The Boulder Masters Cycling Team began in 1984 when four friends came together in Boulder, Colorado under the name Ride em’ Cowboys. Riders raced in categories one through four and veterans (now masters) categories. By 1986 the initial team members, Brad Wallace, Marc Bekoff, Lawrence Bosch, and Andy Pruitt, were traveling to races around the United States, Europe and Canada, racing hard and having a lot of fun. Bob Hughes joined the original four followed by Steve Worley. As the team expanded so did their accomplishments, and by 1989 Randy Gaffney and Paul Mack had joined the crew. The team sports a long history of well-known title sponsors including Pedal Pushers Cyclery, Univega, Pearl Izumi, Le Peep Restaurants, Celestial Seasonings, Subway and Vic’s Espresso. They raced as GS Boulder into the 1990s before the GS Boulder team name was given to another area club. As of January 2012 the team proudly rides as Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team in a revamped kit design and colors of black and magenta. Strong Results, Strong Relationships Today, the Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team is a highly decorated racing team based in Boulder, Colorado. They boast world, national and district champions across a broad range of cycling disciplines, including road races, criteriums, time trials, track events and cyclocross. Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team supports athletes competing in age-group categories from 35+ through 65+ years-old. The size of the group waxed and waned over the years and currently supports 49 riders. The organization dedicates time and energy to fielding a strong women’s team as well as a full men’s roster. Social camaraderie and a proper fit to the team ethos of training right, racing hard and living well has been a hallmark of a successful team member. Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team fosters a supportive and close-knit environment. ### Race Well, Live Well Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team members are active and experienced riders dedicated to performance-driven cycling, maintaining healthy lifestyles and conscientiously representing sponsors and the sport of cycling. They work to race fairly and function with team goals in mind. Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team sponsors an annual race. Team members strive to be the best models they can for other cyclists and racing teams. ### Smart Training, Strong Racing The Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team roster includes coach Neal Henderson of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, founded by Andy Pruitt, one of the four original members and a product specialist for Specialized. Team member Len Pettyjohn, long-time pro team director, provides team direction. Training and coaching for the Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team is research based and focused on quality and results. ### Dedicated to Sponsors Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team takes sponsorship seriously. Team members appreciate, promote and recommend sponsors, use their products, and represent them well. They are proud to be based in Boulder, Colorado and continue the region’s rich history of cycling and racing. ### Learn More While Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team members enjoy riding and racing bikes, they also keep busy working, raising families, volunteering and sharing time with friends. In addition to an impressive list of race accomplishments, team members possess a rich array of personal accomplishments. Visit RIDERS to learn more about Boulder Orthopedics Cycling Team members.