Originally we were just two guys that were such misfit cycling geeks, they had to form their own team. Now there's three of us - we picked up a new rider in the off season. There was an initial rush to join Privateer but in the end only one ponied up with what it takes to be a Privateer. TjK and Jason came back too. Things still haven't changed for them - too slow to be pro, but too fast to quit. It's still stupid and our efforts would be better well spent with an already established local club, but frankly, we're obviously a little too antisocial for them - otherwise we would have been asked to join. (Or at least not asked to leave ones that we were previously members.) We are still self sponsored. Our club still offers nothing to our members. We still buy our own kits, buy our own gear, and pay our own entry fees. We do it because we love racing, not because we want to be part of someone’s clique. We race only for ourselves and not to represent anyone else's company or ideals. Well, that and we were sick of riding in low quality team kits.