Black Sheep Junior Cycling

Mission: “To build a competitive team of dedicated junior cyclists who maintain a lifelong love of the sport, and who give back to the community that supported them.” Black Sheep Junior Cycling is building cycling’s future, one youth at a time. We aim to….. * Provide youth with organized training and competition in a safe environment; * Build friendships through a common interest in sportsmanship and competition; * Provide positive role models who inspire greatness; * Instill lifelong habits of hard work, discipline, courage, determination, education, resourcefulness, positive attitude and teamwork; * Provide a level of coaching that matches each junior cyclist’s ability and aspiration—from beginner to international competitor; * Encourage junior cyclists to maintain a healthy balance between social, scholastic and athletic endeavors; Black Sheep Junior Cycling was founded in 2002. Each year, approximately 50 junior boy and girl racers, ranging in age from 8 to 18 are mentored and supported by over a dozen dedicated volunteer coaches. We provide a healthy environment for young racing enthusiasts and their families. Black Sheep Junior Cycling hosts weekly practices, endurance rides, and coaching support in the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins metro areas. Each area has at least one head coach who co-ordinate the assistant coaches and parent riders. Our coaches are committed to making cycling fun and meaningful. The annual Black Sheep coaching clinic ensures that all coaches and parent riders are ready and able to meet the needs of the team. We invite you to check the schedule and drop by one of the practices to give it a try. Superb coaching and great organization contribute to our team's stability. Our Program Director oversees the smooth operation of all facets of the team. Utilizing their strengths, parents are encouraged to contribute their skills, talent and time to support the growth of junior bicycle racing in Colorado.