VRC, which races as Get Crackin’ – MS Society, is a non-profit (fully recognized 501(c)3) club dedicated to helping develop tomorrow’s top talent while also increasing awareness about multiple sclerosis. Our club is not an open club. Each member must be sponsored in by an existing member. This is not meant to be elitist; rather, it’s meant to insure members understand and support the club missions: 1. While we have club members competing in virtually all categories of road, track and mountain bike racing, VRC is keenly focused on developing and supporting under-23 (U23) competitors. These are the athletes who have a shot at rising to the upper echelons of our sport. In fact, several VRC members are being groomed by the U.S. National Team to represent the U.S. at the Beijing Olympics. We work hard to provide our top athletes with opportunities to excel, not only in local racing, but in national and international races as well. Our athletes have competed successfully in national caliber events the west coast and across the U.S. Internationally, and we have rider who have competed with results tough stage races in Ireland and New Zealand. Six alumni of VRC have graduated to the professional or national team ranks: Erik Barlevav, Time”, ‘Michael Blatchford, US National Team”, “Curtis Gunn, Successful Living”, and ‘Brock Curry, Sergio Hernandez, and Jeremiah Wiscovitch, Rock Racing”. In fact, VRC allocates virtually all of its cash operating budget to the U23 team. Its other members ride in full support of this mission. 2. Teamwork: Race as a team and do everything you can to achieve the team’s goals in races. 3. Supporting charitable efforts: For 2006-2012, the national MS Society is our official charity. Besides helping create awareness, we will do fundraisers to raise funds for the MS Society as well as help it plan and conduct the return of the MS-150 to the LA and Central Cost area. This brings us to mission #4… 4. Get involved: Clubs don’t run themselves and we’re about giving back, not just taking from the cycling club. We need all of our members to step up in some way to get involved with our fundraisers, volunteer for a shift at any races that we sponsor, help secure sponsorship for our racing program, etc. We really aren’t interested in members who only want to know, “What’s in it for me?”. The better question is, How can I contribute to the club’s overall mission?”