VeloWorks-Spokes Etc

VeloWorks-Spokes, Etc. is back and better than ever for the 2012 season. After a dominant showing throughout 2011 in the local mountain bike and cyclocross races the team has expanded to officially include a road team for 2012. With a team based roughly on the Highroad model we’ve gone out and stealthy assembled teams of undervalued riders who are ready to once again take the local scene by storm. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about our success also being our untimely demise like that of Highroad because of the exceptional support we receive from our amazing sponsors. What does every good cyclist need besides the latest in gear and shaved legs? A great coach. VeloWorks has been working with cyclists 0f all levels, ranging from those who want to complete their first century to state road race champions. What sets VeloWorks apart from other coaching companies is the personal touch and relationships they build with each and every client. Nobody’s getting a stock plan that was made for Johnny back in ’87 when a 7 speed drive train was the standard. The coaches at VeloWorks have adapted and grown with the technology and science of training athletes to reach their potential. With a wide range of coaching packages there’s absolutely one that fits any and all of your cycling needs. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a lot of bike shops where you immediately get assessed on your ability to drop $10k on a bike and if you don’t pass the eye test you don’t get friendly service? We know that feeling too and we don’t like it either and since we’ve never once been made to feel like that at Spokes, Etc, we keep going back, and back, and back again. There’s never been anything that we needed that we couldn’t get or a question that wasn’t happily answered by their staff. Friendly, knowledgeable and awesome. What else do you want out of a bike shop? We’re lucky to have them looking after us, we suggest you let them look after you and your bikes as well. A carpenter is only as good as his tools, and it’s no different for bike racers. Specialized provided us with such great service and support in 2011 that we were thrilled when they re-upped with us for the 2012 season as well. What can you say about Specialized bikes that hasn’t already been said? They absolutely make a bike that is perfect for any of your riding needs. Whether you’re commuting to the grocery store, sprinting out of corners or cleaning a rock garden, they have a bike that is built for the task. Specialized bikes carried 12 riders to World Championship titles this past year so they can definitely handle anything that we’ll throw at them. We couldn’t be happier with our sponsors for the 2012 season. They provide such excellent service and support that all we have to worry about is riding fast. We realize how lucky we are and we’re more than happy to tell you all about it. If you have a question about any of our sponsors and see us out and about, don’t be afraid to ask. You might actually have a tough time getting us to stop gloating about how great they are.