Naples Velo

In 1994, Naples Velo members decided to register as a team with the United States Cycling Federation. These core members not only raced as a team, but went on to host races, plan rides and events and set the seeds for the club as it now stands today. Naples Velo bicycle club is a group of people in Southwest Florida who share a common love of cycling and the same goals to move the sport forward in the community through outreach, recreation, transportation, racing, education, charitable projects and legislation. The cycling club exists primarily on two levels, a recreational club and a racing team. The club participates in all styles of bicycle sport. Our goal is to provide club members with an opportunity to increase their cycling knowledge, skill and fitness, in an effort that we may all compete and win - in life. “Our mission is to build a community that will promote cycling in all forms and skill levels throughout Southwest Florida and to the greater public.” ### Naples Velo & Naples Pathways Coalition ### “A Shared Vision” Naples Velo has partnered with the Naples Pathways Coalition in an effort to help further the goals and rights of cyclists within the community of Southwest Florida. Both organizations together will work to provide a safe environment for all cyclists in each manner of the sport, working on their common goals as expressed in the Naples Pathways Coalition mission statement to institute A fully integrated and safe transportation network of sidewalks, bike lanes, bike paths, and multi-use paths and greenways, to be used by cyclists, pedestrians, and other non-motorized users, throughout Naples and Collier County. For more information about Naples Pathways Coalition go to ### Our Vision: 1. Supporting bicycle legislation and the rights of cyclists 1. Facilitating recreational cycling at all skill levels 1. Encouraging bicycling as a means of transportation 1. Supporting racing among the membership 1. Participating as a group in community and charitable projects 1. Sponsoring and providing educational programs