Fayetteville Wheelmen

7 men and 2 women formed the Fayetteville Wheelmen Cycling Club in 1991. From there, the Tyson Racing Team was established and the rest is history. In the early years, the sole purpose of the organization was strictly a racing team. The team grew to approximately 30 people by the mid 90’s. It became evident that in order to get more people involved in the sport of cycling and to develop a more well rounded organization; the team would need to expand its ranks. In the late nineties, the team embraced all levels of road cycling enthusiasts. The premise was that a person who was only interested in racing their bike and a person who would never race their bike could co-exist. Now we are a 140+ person organization with riders as young as 10 and a youthful 60 plus. We have riders, racers, bike geeks, bike nuts, fast twitch, slow twitch and possibly even a couple of no twitch road cycling enthusiasts. There are club riders that become racers and racers who decide to slow down and just turn the cranks.