Big Tree Cycling

Big Tree Cycling Team (BTC) is dedicated to individuals of all ages and abilities for the promotion and participation in cycling activities. BTC is a cycling community that seeks to release the potential of cycling to improve quality of life through a focus on six imperatives: - Group rides… daily/weekly/monthly/annually - Delivery of meaningful opportunities to build skills in cycling - Commitment to quality programming in regular meetings for members and beyond - Build camaraderie through annual trips and special events - Develop professional relationships and exchanges through cycling - Foster an environment that is welcoming for all who desire a positive, healthier lifestyle through cycling regardless of experience, knowledge, background, or perceived hierarchy in the sport ###Description Big Tree Cycling Team (BTC) seeks to create a comfortable cycling environment where people feel welcome and want to participate - an environment where everyone can grow. It's not about how strong you are, the number of events you've participated in, the races you've won, or, for that matter, your current fitness level. Where we are today is not where we can be tomorrow. Potential is boundless.