Duke City Wheelmen

The Duke City Wheelmen Cycling Team exists to help promote the activities of the Foundation and help bridge the divide between the cycling advocacy community and recrealtional - especially racing - cyclists. We ride our bicycles as much as we can. It is a pleasure to be outdoors and moving under our own power. Most of us like long rides. Some of us race. Safe cycling is important to us. We work to bring cycling to the attention of the general public (ie. drivers of motor vehicles). We cycle in accordance with the idea that a cyclist is safest when he or she operates their bicycle like a vehicle on the road: predictably and obeying traffic laws. We do our best to acknowledge and communicate with the other "drivers" around us. We think that cycling is great fun and we like being fit. Our sponsors assist in our pursuits and we do our best to assist each other. We are the Duke City Wheelmen and at least one of us is an ABQ native.