Big Orange Cycling

At Big Orange our only rule is DON’T BE A DICK!!! Our members will talk to you. We will help you. We will stop and fix a flat with you. If this is your first day on the bike or your last season it doesn’t matter. At Big Orange we emphasize new rider development as well as racing success. We work hard to teach new riders the basics of riding in a pack or descending a hill. Will we also teach you proper racing tactics and help guide your training. At Big Orange we have talented and motivated racers in every category who can help you to victory. Cycling is expensive. Join Big Orange and you will get discounts on everything from water bottles to complete bikes. We also have a Race Reimbursement Program that is not performance based: put your skin on the line, get some of your race fees back. Simple as that. Cycling hurts. You will suffer. Racing hurts more. You will suffer. But you will not suffer alone. We are a band of brothers in the trenches and we look out for each other. Don’t suffer alone.