Fusion Cycling Team

Fusion Cycling Team is committed to the growth, support and wellness of our members. To that end we ride to benefit the LIVESTRONG Foundation. We are committed to advancing all aspects of cycling within our community. Fusion Cycling Team is a USAC licensed team that is based in the Grand Rapids area and surrounding suburbs (Michigan). The members of Fusion participate in almost all aspects of cycling competition including: road races, criteriums, time trials, ultra-endurance road and mountain biking, cross-country mountain biking, cyclocross, and triathlons. The focus and mission of Fusion Cycling is to help each member take their cycling abilities to a higher level of fitness and competition through group training rides, a commitment to participating in races, and by providing a network of training and nutrition experience. The Fusion Cycling Team is also committed to promoting the team’s generous sponsors through grass roots marketing at all of our races and cycling events.