Lamorinda Cycling Club


You will see us riding in the East Bay, Marin, the City, throughout northern and central California, Nevada, Washington, Florida and Canada. We offer opportunities for non-racing club members and racers at all levels. Regardless of your level, there is a place for you.

Members (26)
Adam VanMinh Martin
bob ebe
Brett Stewart
Brett Stewart
Christopher Kolm
Craig Tanner
Craig Tanner
Dan tkach
David Christy
Debbie Souza
Donald Case
Heidi Fraser
Jeffrey Bilodeau
Joan Case
Keith Hartstein
Laurence Hall
Mac Carey
Michael Kopp
Oswaldo Padilla
Rob Lytle
Rozel Tupaz
Sara Stearns
Stuart Watson
Ted Brooks
Tousignant Peter
Winston Asprec