Super Squadra

Super Squadra is an elite cycling team founded by Category 1 racers (and longtime friends) David Wenger, Phil Wikoff, Ian Dille, and Steven Wheeler. The current roster also includes Espoir (under-23) and Junior cyclists Alan Ting, Shane Haga, Alec Aldape, Kevin Fish, Dillon Fowler, Michael Pincus, and William Rader. With the continued support of Bicycle Sport Shop, in addition to sponsors Integrity Legal Support Solutions and Tox Strategies, Super Squadra has claimed multiple Elite, Junior, and Master’s National Championship titles, including the Elite Criterium title in 2011. Super Squadra has taken the Texas Cup Individual Overall title four years consecutively. The team has also been victorious in many Texas State Championship events. However, Super Squadra isn’t solely focused on its own competitive ambitions. The team strives to assist in the development of aspiring bike racers, of all ages, genders, and abilities. In addition to the support of our own young, talented team members—the Super JETS—the team conducts regular cycling skills clinics and seminars open to the public. Super Squadra has conducted dozens of cycling clinics since 2009. Team members take immense satisfaction in watching our developing team members score breakthrough results, and seeing the attendees of our clinics safely rise through the category ranks.