Serious Cycling

Have you ever had a secret that was so exciting, that despite your very best efforts, it just couldn’t be kept a secret any longer? We do too... Nearly three years ago my wife Jennifer and I purchased a franchise for Bicycle John’s and opened in Agoura Hills. Thankfully we did not try to do this alone. We are surrounded by a lot of dedicated people including our incredible staff working tirelessly to provide Formula-One customer service, as well as our friends and customers who continually spread the word. Mike Grace, who operates his own Bicycle John’s franchise in Santa Clarita, practically lived at the shop for a year while he and I set things up. One of the busiest people I know is RaeLynn Milley who has supported us from the beginning and continues to conduct much of her coaching practice - - at the shop and leads a weekly ride. And perhaps most importantly, a tremendous amount of support continues to be given from John himself. Having known John since I was 13 years old, this is not the first time he has helped me accomplish an important goal. My love for bicycle racing came from my father at an early age and John (who was an owner in a shop called Bike Sport) was my first real sponsor. Twenty five years later he sponsored me once again with his time, his knowledge and his concern. Thank you all. With the warmth and energy we continue to receive in the local community we have been able to grow and offer many exciting events. There is so much more to come! Step one is to launch our new brand SERIOUSCYCLING. This site will be central to our endeavors going forward. We hope you will bookmark it and check in with us on a regularly; give us feedback and tell us what’s working, and what’s not. Beginning in February we will begin rolling out new content on a regular basis, providing information and services to help everyone enjoy the ride that much more. The Spring is in the air, that means long bicycle rides in the sun and racing are right around the corner. If you enjoy riding or are simply curious about our sport come by the shop and talk with us. We look forward to seeing you soon! Ride!