GS Retro Velo

Why GS Retro Velo? On December 26, 2006 G.S. Retro Velo was created as a USACycling sanctioned club. Retro Velo was formed by a small but not inconsequential group of disenfranchised and/or disillusioned cyclists who wanted to participate in a cycling club but had fallen out of love with their last organization. If this describes you and you are looking for a club that: * Has nothing of material or financial worth to offer * Has no need for sponsors * Is all about grass roots cycling in the purest sense * Remembers why we ride in the first place, it's FUN! * Intends to keep cycling fun and never to make it a job or a business * Expects little * Promises nothing Then G.S. Retro Velo is your club! However if you have ever asked this question "What do I get for joining your club?" Then read no farther. There is nothing for you here. GS Retro Velo is for those poor club-less cyclists left out in the cold but who still want to participate in the NJ/NY metro area cycling scene. Retro Velo is about racing at whatever level you want to, helping to promote racing on a grass roots level i.e. events like the Rockleigh Criterium Series, helping juniors and newbies get started and of course riding with your pals and making fun of how serious some people take themselves. GS Retro Velo is NOT about old bikes and wool (but some of us do love that stuff). The Retro is about returning to why you hopped on a bike in the first place, to RIDE! Bikes are FUN! Riding with your friends is FUN! GS RetroVelo wants to help you keep it that way. In keeping with the grass roots, low budget, nature of this venture, it will only cost you $15 to join RetroVelo. That cash is used to pay the annual USACycling club fee, support the website and help with the financing of club uniforms and events. Thanks for reading. G.S. RetroVelo: no promises, nothing to offer.