02 Modern Fitness

Based on the mission of O2 Modern Fitness, LLC, Team O2 Modern Fitness, AKA Team O2 Cycling, provides an environment that supports the complete athlete; one who nourishes his or her body, mind, and spirit with healthy foods, new and exciting experiences, and a positive attitude. Team O2 Cycling is built on the O2 Modern Fitness training platform which advocates combining the discipline of endurance training, the core strength of Pilates, the mental focus of Yoga and the science of sports specific nutrition to achieve the most effective results. Team O2 Cycling incorporates two divisions, the racing team and the club. Through these two tracks, Team O2 Cycling provides a supportive environment for cyclists of all levels to improve their handling skills and increase fitness as a well as providing direction on team tactics, all while promoting good sportsmanship. For this coming cycling season, the racing team will race locally in Arizona, as well as California, Colorado and New Mexico. All members will be encouraged to participate in local group rides and Team activities. The home base of Team O2 Cycling is located in the heart of Downtown Tucson at the O2 Modern Fitness Studio. Team O2 Cycling supports the downtown community development and encourages its team and club members to become an active visitor of our cities vibrant urban center.