Red Peloton

The Red Peloton is a Non-profit Organization that promotes all aspects of Cycling through racing/riding, charitable events, community outreach, and local philanthropy. The Red Peloton accomplishes this mission by promoting cycling events, volunteering for junior development, hosting bicycle safety programs, and leading civic/charity activities.

As a 501(c)3 organization, the Red Peloton not only gives back to the community through our events and programs, we also work to make it a safer environment for cyclists and residents alike. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Red Peloton does more for our community in one month than most pro/amateur teams do in a year.

The Red Peloton racing team is made up of road cyclist, mountain bikers, triathletes, cyclocross racers, Nordic skiers, and runners; we are proud to rank among the best competitors in California in every category. We encompass several tiers of racing talent: We have an Elite cycling team of Pro, 1, 2 racers, both men and women, as well as a thriving club team that races Cat 3, 4, 5 and Masters.
Members (24)
Aaron Schmitz
Daniel B. Ramirez
Eamon Keating
Eric Cinnamon
Gary Land
Gavin Murray
Jen Kruger
John Witkowicki
Karen Hutchins
Kashy Ghazzagh
Kelli Badillo
Lauren Rignel
Laurie Peterson
Matt Abbott
Michael Claudio
Michelle Wood
Mike Charleton
Nick McGowan
Patrick Zahn
Samantha Vroomen
Seth Wood
Shannon Mitchell
Stephanie Buckner