2 Wheel Cycling


The Start of 2 Wheel Racing

2 Wheel Racing was born in 2007 from a desire to share in the success and growth in the local cycling community and to foster friendships on, and off the bike. We are fortunate to live in perhaps the finest place on earth to ride! After a successful year of training and racing, a few folks had expressed a desire to start a new team with emphasis on diversity, growth, sponsorship, promotion and friendship. The idea was drafted at a local coffee shop, brought on by a long training ride toward the end of the 2007 season. Our goal is to develop a non-intimidating club that would utilize the talents of members in unique ways and bear the fruit of lasting friendships, encourage growth and further advance our skills. Based on this goal, we have changed our name to 2 Wheel Cycling, as we want to ensure that the non-racing cyclists feel that they are as important to us as our racers.

Our Mission Statement

To promote cycling as an activity for health, community and lasting friendships To expose the greater public to the excitement, fun, and benefits of cycling To support our sponsors and promote their products To provide organized group rides, racing opportunities, meetings, and social functions To support riders in all phases of their development To foster road awareness and safety first measures for "sharing the road" We know that if the process is made fun than success will follow

Special Thanks

Special thanks to each and every one of our members, for without them there is no team! Let’s have some fun and get riding!
Members (4)
Brian Bonham
Lisa Coats
Ray Holmes
Raymond Rodriguez