TWENTY16 Pro Cycling

The athletes of Exergy TWENTY12 are making a lasting impact in the world of women’s cycling, proving that women can achieve greatness when given the opportunity. This is enabled through our close partnership with Exergy Development Group, USA Cycling, and our sponsors. The team, led by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2009 World Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong, enables experienced riders to perform at their highest potential and offers junior riders a ground breaking mentor program, developing future champions and leaders for our sport. Kristin’s unmatched experience and palamares provide our future champions with much needed support and guidance. In 2012 she continues her quest for a second Olympic Gold medal along with four USA Olympic long team Exergy TWENTY12 members and a team of driven and goal oriented women. Women’s professional cycling has exploded in recent years, in an ever changing environment where people are increasingly concerned with lifestyle, health and wellness. As a result there are many opportunities for growth in these areas. We hope together we can reach this audience and inspire them. I used to love the quote “The sky is the limit”, but I believe we will go further.
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