Red Kite Racing

Tri Valley Velo is a Northern California cycling race team based in the Tri Valley. We have come together to create a cycling team where racing is a goal that creates a means to better fitness and camaraderie. This is an environment where Family and Careers come first and racing brings us together as Friends. We believe that without the support of Family, Careers, or Friends we won’t be successful as Racers. Our objective is to offer an uplifting environment where the working professional can come to achieve personal goals and where Friends push and support each other to excel through racing. We are mainly focused on Category 4’s both Masters and Elites and will set goals to develop Category 5 racers to become 4’s in a years time.
Members (7)
Alex Corbishley
David Truong
Michael Childs
Robert Raymond
Shari Raymond
Steve Rosefield
Travis Selk