Team TIBCO was formed in 2006 as a regional team named PABW Powered by TIBCO, out of the Palo Alto Bicycles shop in Palo Alto, California. By 2009, it had become the top team in North America and was named VeloNews Women’s Team of the Year. In 2010, the team expanded to Europe and in September 2011, Team TIBCO rider Megan Guarnier won the prestigious Giro della Toscana with the U.S national team. 2012 marks the team’s seventh year of operations, and will see additional expansion into Europe as the team furthers it’s mission of providing a long-term platform for riders to become top international competitors. The team has two riders on the U.S Olympic long team – Guarnier and Amanda Miller – and two additional likely Olympians in Tara Whitten (Canada) and Jo Kiesanowski (New Zealand). Since its founding, Team TIBCO has grown into three teams totaling nearly 50 women: the Team TIBCO pro squad, the Team TIBCO II amateur squad and the Team TIBCO Juniors. Every member of Team TIBCO serves as an active ambassador for it’s partners and as a role model for youth and adults across America to pursue a life of health and fitness.
Members (7)
Adrienne Belliveau
Christine Harris
Heather Ross
Jennifer Marie Zierke
Page Robertson
Vanessa Cairns
Winnie Brehmer