* Our Mission objectives for 2012 and beyond is to continue to build on our success from 2011 as one of Northern California’s top Elite Level bike racing teams and provide valuable marketing exposure for our sponsors who share our vision of combining the dramatic and colorful sport of cycling with grass roots community involvement. * Expand our team to include all racing categories (men & women, juniors, Masters) * Compete in a high number of high profile events from the U.S. National Championships to local charity rides such as Grand Fondos where we exposure our brand and our sponsors to thousands of people and potential customers. * Seek out and develop new, young talent that we can nurture and support in order to continue to promote the cycling and racing in Northern California and beyond. * Continue to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, be environmentally conscious, and achieve success through hard work and dedication. * Continue to partner with organizations that exist to contribute to the good of our local community and make positive changes through the promotion of cycling, for sport, recreation, and transportation. Sounds ambitious? We think so, but we are confident that our experience, dedication, integrity, and passion for the sport will carry us through to our most successful season in 2012 and beyond.
Members (9)
Adrienne Belliveau
Beverly Chaney
Keith DeFiebre
Kim Fong
Kim Fong
Phil Roberts
Rich Snodsmith
Roger Hogan