Bear Development Team

I invest myself in the success of my team and teammates. They do the same for me. This is what makes us great. There might be a few guys at the race who are faster than us. But on any given day - when we race as a team - we know we can win. Trying to look cool all the time only alienates me from other people. When I’m on the bike, I smile, have fun, shake new hands and make new friends. Relationships make good things happen. I wave, nod or smile to everyone I see on my training rides - even the guy on a recumbent bike with mirrors on his helmet. I look out for my family. They are the ones making all this possible. I show them my gratitude. I understand that the gifts given to my team by directors, supporters and sponsors represent an opportunity, not an accolade. For this, I am grateful. I communicate with my teammates and directors. I know they are all here to help me. I know there will always be a place for me on this team if I continue to look out for my teammates, contribute, train hard and have fun. Winning is great, but it’s not the only reason why we’re here. I don’t take myself too seriously. Bike racing is fun and I’m committed to it. But there is a big world out there. I know the bike is but a small part of it. I believe in myself. I race clean. I race with integrity. There is no better place than here. No better time than now. No better teammates than these. I’m healthy. I get to ride bikes with my friends. I’m stoked.
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