Folsom Bike/VW/Raley's

Folsom Bike Master’s Race Team is based in Northern California with riders living primarily in the greater Sacramento area. Our riders consist of Category 1, 2 and 3 riders in the 35+ age group. Although they are mainly road racers, don't be surprised to see them also out in the dirt at local mountain and cyclocross races! The team members are comprised of an array of talent with podium finishes to back it up. The goal of the team is to promote the sport of cycling within the greater community and build the level of sportsmanship within the cycling arena. Our race results demonstrate our strong commitment to cycling, promoting a healthy lifestyle and generating exposure for our sponsors. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the sport is contagious! They race to win AND to have FUN!
Members (37)
Adam Ross
Aj Snovel
Alex Holtz
Amy Chandos
Bob Delp
Brian Acord
Chris Espy
Claire Morgan
David Nasca
Dean LaBerge
Diane Moug
Jason Boynton
Jason Snovel
Jeff Farley
Jess Raphael
joe staron
John Fairbanks
John Fairbanks
John Lockwood
Judd Van Sickle
Judd Van Sickle
Judy Wexler
Kevin Metcalfe
Mark Fiori
Mary Maroon
Michael Buckley
Michael O'Dell
Michael ODell
Mike Munoz
osvaldo tomatis
Robin Van Valkenburgh
Scott Kingston
Scott Peifer
Spencer Fields
Steve McCaw
Tony ODell
Will Brickler