Bicycle Planet

We want our customers to love riding a bike. We think that riding a bike makes life better. And we're often asked, "what's the best bike?" There's no simple answer to that--ask anyone really into the sport and they always have more than one bike. But if we had to give a simple answer it would be that the best bike, a truly great bike, never gets in the way of simply enjoying the ride. If the bike is too heavy to pedal up the hill, doesn't fit you or your riding needs, or doesn't shift, descend, corner, or slow down the way you want or need it to--how fun is that? Back hurts? Neck creaks? Saddle is killing you? Chain falls off every time you shift or doesn't move at all? A bike that doesn't fit, work efficiently, costs too much, hurts to ride, or has no value takes away from enjoying the scenery and time with friends and family and the simple efficiency and freedom of pedaling. A great bike doesn't have to be the most expensive bike you can afford; if the first thought every time you look at a bike is how much you paid for it--that would affect how you feel about riding. We think it's worth spending the time to make sure that your bike is the right bike for where and how you like to ride. A great bike feels awesome: perfectly balanced, the roads and trails fly by. The hectic pace of the day to day worries fall by the roadside and the rider becomes part of the ride. We want our customers to love riding their bikes as much as we do. There are a lot of sources for bikes, accessories, parts, and service: specialty shops, giant department stores and chains, garage sales, mail order, and the internet. Where you buy, however, has everything to do with what you get. Bikes are not bars of soap, boxes of cereal, or disposable toys. Bikes are precisely adjusted machines and components, and bikes must be assembled, adjusted, selected and fit to the specific rider, and kept in proper adjustment. The most expensive bikes are sometimes the cheapest--bikes that started out as a bargain but came with no warranty, were improperly assembled, ended up not fitting, or came with damaged or unsafe components. We think the best bikes are ones that fit, stay in adjustment, are repairable and maintainable, and best of all--are fun to ride. Our professional shop features great bikes for comfort, mountain, road, triathlon, and kids' bicycling. If you have specific fitting needs or experience neck, lower back, or saddle discomfort with your current bike--contact us for a Fitting Appointment. We have decades of custom fitting, mechanic, and coaching experience. In addition to a full service shop, we offer information on the best places to ride, actively participate with advocacy groups to make our region a better place to ride, offer repair classes, weekly rides, rental and demo bikes, and we carry a range of components, clothing, and accessories. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned racer--our expertise in fit, features, function, service, and value will make your biking the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible.