Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements: Safety and Dangers


Best Exogenous Ketones Benefits

Exogenous Keto supplementation has recently gained popularity because of its ability to promote weight loss, anti-aging, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity. Lauren Zagorski, clinical nutritionist, who study and write about exogenous ketones at Lean Optimum said: “Benefits of ketone supplements are not clear, however, exogenously made Keto supplements for weight loss are safe and fit for consumption.”While more research needs to be conducted to confirm all of these claims, there is currently a small amount of evidence to support all of them.

Best Massage Accessories & Equipment For the Therapists [2019]

Make out calls easier with these convenient massage accessories.

Massage Table Cart

cartLugging around a portable massage table all day, no matter how lightweight it may be, can be a chore. It can also be hard on your back, and you don’t want to risk injury in a job that depends on your own strength and well-being.

With a rolling massage table cart, you can take it easy on your back and transport your table over long distances without tiring out, so you can save your energy for the massage. Most table carts also fold for easy storage in your vehicle or office. If you looking for massage table itself, read following portable massage table reviews from Health Nerdy. I found it to be really helpful if you just starting out in your massage equipment search.