Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements: Safety and Dangers

As we grow older, the amount of DHEA in our bodies starts to rapidly decline, the pace at which these levels drop signifying exactly how fast we get old. Even though DHEA has been carefully studied by many specialists, for many years, only 150 bodily functions were discovered to be affected by DHEA levels, from more than 400 (what is believed to be the real number).

Best Exogenous Ketones Benefits

Exogenous Keto supplementation has recently gained popularity because of its ability to promote weight loss, anti-aging, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity. Lauren Zagorski, clinical nutritionist, who study and write about exogenous ketones at Lean Optimum said: “Benefits of ketone supplements are not clear, however, exogenously made Keto supplements for weight loss are safe and fit for consumption.”While more research needs to be conducted to confirm all of these claims, there is currently a small amount of evidence to support all of them.


As we age, the naturally occurring levels of 7 Keto in our bodies decline, which may contribute to a number of signs of aging.

By using a supplement to keep our levels consistent with what they were when we were younger, we may be able to restore a youthful appearance.

With higher amounts of 7 keto in the system, the levels of cortisol, or the stress hormone, may also decrease, which will help provide another defense against aging.

Lower Cholesterol

7 Keto is believed to have cholesterol lowering effects on the body, which can help improve heart health and decrease the chance of a heart attack. The Prague study also indicated memory enhancement and improve thyroid gland activity.

Boost Immunity

immune healthA seven week long study conducted with elderly men and women showed a boost in immune function through an increase in “helper” cells to protect them from damage, and white blood cell counts. The supplement also lowered blood pressure levels, as well.

We are not doctors. The information provided throughout this website is provided for educational purposes only. Please see a medical professional before using7 Keto to treat any medical condition.

Helps You Lose Weight and Gain a Healthier Body

Ketones stimulates the thyroid gland to increase the body’s metabolism and energy levels. With more energy, the body will be more alert and energized to perform physical activities such as household chores and exercise. In addition, the body will have an increased metabolism rate that will trigger the body to go into a state of thermogenesis in order to burn off fat in the hip, thigh, and stomach areas at a rapid rate. In addition to reducing body weight, the Ketones that is naturally produced from DHEA will help reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure while lowering the risk for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems.

Reduces High Levels of Cortisol to Improve Overall Well-Being

Ketones has been successful in reducing high levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is usually found in high levels in people that are suffering from stress, depression, cognitive issues, and other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. By increasing the levels of DHEA and Ketones in the body, the levels of cortisol will decrease and provide relief from stress, depression, and other neurological issues.

Increases Bone Strength and Reduces Risk for Osteoporosis

Research has shown that the levels of DHEA and Ketones dramatically drop in postmenopausal women and puts them at a higher risk for bone thinning, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. A new study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that DHEA supplements along with calcium, vitamin D, and silica are essential supplements to help the bones restore their structure and density. Even those that already suffer from bone problems can improve their bone structure by taking supplements and following a strict diet that will provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Helps Fight Illnesses and Disease While Slowing Down Aging Process

Research has found that humans start to see a decline in their levels of DHEA and Ketones around the age of 30, and the levels continue to decrease with further aging. By increasing the levels of DHEA and Exogenous Ketones in the body, the body will be able to restore its immune system functioning. It will also cause the immune system to increase its production of IL-2 lymphocytes in order to trigger white blood cells that will protect the body from pathogens. This allows people of all ages, including the elderly, to quickly recover from illnesses and diseases such as Lupus and cancer while repairing deteriorated cells to slow down the process of aging and increase the body’s overall health.

Keto BHB Supplement to Improve Your Health

The best way to restore balance to the endocrine system so that the body can repair itself to its full health is by increasing the levels of DHEA and Exogenous Ketones in the body by taking a DHEA supplement. Besides keeping the endocrine system balanced, it is also important to keep the body in good health by making sure you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Do Exogenous Ketones Work, and are they safe?

Officially and scientifically known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is in fact an athletic supplement, produced by natural ways and indented to raise testosterone levels in the organism. This reaction leads to weight loss and muscle build, elevated levels of energy and, pay attention, a greater libido. It gained all the public attention when average Joes wanting to lose some weight and gain some athletic figures started to consume it.

There are already many natural supplements using DHEA as a main ingredient. There are many health benefits associated with Exogenous Ketones DHEA, besides the ones already enumerated: rise in blood insulin levels, increased levels of the good cholesterol, a better memory and an improved immune system. However, it is always advisable to discuss taking any kind of supplement with a doctor, and for this reason, we must state what other health risks taking this supplement implied: due to it high content of both androgen and estrogen hormones, it has shown some hair growth in both men and women. People claimed it caused them mood swings, hyperglycemia and even cancer.

7 Keto Side Effects

7 Keto is not like DHEA, and does not have any known side effects or interactions with prescription drugs or other herbal supplements. It is not the precusor to sexual hormones like DHEA, and will not have the same reaction in the body. There is not enough information abou this supplement to know whether it is safe for long term use, or for use by pregnant and nursing women. More research needs to be done to confirm potential side effects and safety issues.

Though the recommended dose is 100mg twice a day, this is not always appropriate for everyone. Please speak to your medical professional before you use this supplement as part of your weight loss routine.

 Exogenous Ketones (DHEA) For Your Health

Lucky for us, the scientists developed a brand new formula of DHEA, and this is Exogenous Ketones. This new supplement has the properties of its identical twin DHEA, but it no longer causes all the hormonal imbalances. Exogenous Ketones is, in fact, the natural metabolite of the original DHEA. Anyway, the human body already metabolizes the original DHEA into Exogenous Ketones after the metabolic process.

By extracting the Exogenous Ketones directly from its source, and being ingested by a person, there is no longer need to worry about side effects. These only appear if the active substance needs to get metabolized.