How we got started?

Like a lot of great ideas, Voost started with two guys frustrated by a problem: Expensive, hard-to-use registration sites filled with blinking advertisements and a sorry, “no one home” attitude when you needed help.

Founded in 2011. Made with Love.

Our Values
Our Mission

The number one goal of Voost is to use our technical skills and extensive domain knowledge to build the best online registration and fundraising system on the planet.

Customer Service

We have two sets of customers. Organizers who are putting on events and the people who are registering for those events. We value both customers equally. Thus, we will go out of our way to ensure that everyone is satisfied with us at all times.

Honest Business

We like to have fun running this business, but when it comes to how we operate, we are not playing games. This includes being upfront about our pricing and features, no lock-in contracts and no other hidden tricks. Our customers use us because they love us, not because they are obligated to.

User Security

We understand that our customers place trust in us, and we honor that trust by maintaining the highest standards of user transparency, privacy and security. We’ve specifically written our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so that humans can read them