Our Story

How we got started?

Like a lot of great ideas, Voost started with two guys frustrated by a problem: Expensive, hard-to-use registration sites filled with blinking advertisements and a sorry, "no one home" attitude when you needed help.

Founded in 2011. Made with Love.

Our Values
Our Mission

The number one goal of Voost is to use our technical skills and extensive domain knowledge to build the best online registration and fundraising system on the planet.

Customer Service

We have two sets of customers. Organizers who are putting on events and the people who are registering for those events. We value both customers equally. Thus, we will go out of our way to ensure that everyone is satisfied with us at all times.

Honest Business

We like to have fun running this business, but when it comes to how we operate, we are not playing games. This includes being upfront about our pricing and features, no lock-in contracts and no other hidden tricks. Our customers use us because they love us, not because they are obligated to.

User Security

We understand that our customers place trust in us, and we honor that trust by maintaining the highest standards of user transparency, privacy and security. We've specifically written our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so that humans can read them.


Jon Stevens - Founder

Jon Scott Stevens Racing since he was 15, Jon is what you call an obsessed racer. His mom became a USCF official to help with the boredom of driving him to races every weekend and eventually got involved in all aspects of race production working on events including, Velodrome’s and Masters National championships. Needless to say, Jon got recruited to help more often than he cared to. Jon went on to become a professional software engineer and an all around multi talented guy.

Then there was that day where events conspired to change the course of Jon’s energy and focus forever. Combine that race that he just could not get registered for on yet another broken promoters web site, a bad day at his boring day job and his good friend Jeff who had just emailed him an article about another startup getting financing. It was not long before Jon too, changed his title to Founder.

He is currently enjoying life as a chicken farmer and Masters 35+ racer with the Dolce Vita Cycling team. He also serves on Dolce's Board and is a USA Cycling Official.

Strava, USA Cycling

Jeff Schnitzer - Founder

Jeff Schnitzer prefers his two-wheeled vehicles powered, either by KTM or a stoker. Either way usually involves getting lost in exotic locales like Nicaragua or the thorn bushes along the driveway up to the house, much to the dismay of his pillion.

A veteran of several Bay Area startups and a recognized technical wunderkind, Jeff knew he was ready to become a founder but he needed his good friend Jon to round out his team. Finally after many conversations, Jon was ready also and here we are today.

During the early development of Voost, Jeff quickly realized that the code he was using to talk to the Google Datastore could be improved. He set out on creating the Objectify App Engine project, which now has thousands of users around the world.

Ralph Marx - V.P. Marketing & Business Development

Ralph Marx used this bicycle right after high school to cycle the U.S. with his buddy Carl. There was no such thing as a cyclometer, smart phone, Garmin etc. "Every time we crossed a state line the first thing we had to do was find a map! We made it from N.Y to Arizona before college called but it did not end there and he has gone on to cycle in New Zealand, China, Europe and of course most weekends around the Bay Area."

An engineering degree in college led to a number of years as a programmer and then in 1983 he started the first of three startups each of which provided him with extensive experience and a broad base of skills. Ralph came up with the idea for Acteva.com in January of 1997 and the next three months were spent validating the idea and recruiting the key team members at which point an Angel round of $1 million was raised and the company was able to execute on a nationwide expansion. A year later $12 million was raised from institutional investors in a series B round. Shortly thereafter sales growth hit 8% per month, which led to the sale of the company in September 2000. He is very proud that the company survived the Dot Com bust and is still one of the top companies in the field 13 years later.

Acteva garnered a lot of press including articles in Forbes and Fortune and is used as a Harvard Graduate School case study.

Prior to Acteva, Ralph founded Advocate Systems, Inc. a company that specialized in software for large scale and multi party litigation support. Over its 10 year life Ralph garnered some of America’s largest law firms and corporate legal departments such as Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosatti and Seagate Technology as clients. Sales growth averaged 18% per year over the life of the company.

In 1992 Advocate merged with Docuwork LTD. and raised $5 million all as part of a an expansion plan into Europe and a purchase of the company by Thompson SA.

Since 2002 Ralph has been assisting early stage companies to strengthen their teams and his business experience and connections to accelerate their success. He has helped companies to raise capital, deploy new products, create and execute the marketing plan, grow sales and create partnerships.

"I am very excited to be joining Voost, a company that I see as a next generation leader in the events market"


John Roberts

John B. Roberts is the platform lead at CloudFlare, working to make it ridiculously easy for CloudFlare customers to add any web service to their site. Before CloudFlare, John was a founding team member at OpenDNS, built online services at The Atlantic and led product development at CNET. John enjoys racing with the Dolce Vita Cycling team in San Francisco.

Ron Castia

Ron Castia of Livermore, CA has been racing on the road and dirt for 15 years and specializes in both standard and ultra racing distances. As a NCNCA Mentor for road racing in Northern California, Ron has volunteered at the Fremont Early Bird Training Criteriums as a mentor for 7 years, and rides with the entry level races throughout the year to assist with safety, skills, and instruction. He is the founder of East Bay Cyclists (AKA EMC/Vellum Cycles and InfoVista Cycling Team), and as his club's president for 7 years, Ron has worked with the Cat 4/5 team to develop practical race tactics as they apply to their field's specific style of racing and the ability of the riders.

Ron promotes beginner and intermediate race skills clinics throughout the year helping riders take their racing to the next level. In addition to coaching training programs, Ron is available for one-on-one skill work as well as team tactics training and skills. Ron has worked with Dolce Vita Cycling Team as their Director Sportif giving guidance on tactics, team clinics, and organizing team camps.